Are you ready to take your nursing career to the next level? The online Doctor of Nursing Practice requires the successful completion of a minimum of 37 credits. You may be able to receive credit for up to six credit-hours of master's level courses.*

*Additional transfer credits will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis

The online D.N.P. degree offers a targeted curriculum that will prepare you for a variety of clinical and leadership roles within the healthcare industry. The program provides education in:

  • Emerging issues in health care and challenges in nursing
  • Standards of practice and health care ethics
  • Principles of epidemiology
  • Public and private financing in health care
  • Clinical research
  • Health care biostatistics
  • Population-based health care management
  • Leadership in nursing

NURS 664D Epidemiology (3 credit hours)
NURS 671D Healthcare Biostatistics (3 credit hours)
NURS 674D Population-Based Health Care Management (2 credit hours)
NURS 686D Health Care Finance (3 credit hours)
NURS 729D Emerging Issues in Health (3 credit hours)
NURS 730D Evidence-Based Practice (3 credit hours)
NURS 731D Evidence-Based Practice II (3 credit hours)
NURS 732D Applied Epidemiology (1 credit hour)
NURS 734D Leadership in Complex Health Care Systems (2 credit hours)
NURS 738D Doctoral Advanced Practice-based Residency (4 total credit hours)
NURS 916D Seminar in Nursing Scholarship (1 credit hour)
NURS 997D DNP Project Guidance (3 credit hours)
Advanced Clinical Cognate 1 and 2 (3 credits each)
Optional Advanced Clinical Cognate 3 (3 credit hours)

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