4-6 months before beginning clinical
Ensure you have two active RN licenses in:

  1. District of Columbia
  2. Virginia or Maryland

2-4 months before beginning clinical
Start gathering all health related information you will need including:

  1. Vaccination or blood titer data
  2. Health certification form
  3. PPD & CPR verification

2 months before beginning clinical
Submit all health related information to certified background check. Directions for the submitting background checks are available online.

Important Due Dates

You MUST register for clinical classes by the following dates to ensure site placements. If you are unable to register by the below listed due dates, site placement cannot be guaranteed. Also, all health/ practice requirements (such as: PPD, CPR, licenses, etc) must be up to date by the listed due dates to ensure placement.

Semester Registration Due Date Health/Practice Requirements Up to Date
Spring November 15 December 1
Summer and Fall April 15 May 1

Requesting a new site

Clinical sites are assigned exclusively by the clinical faculty. This ensures that all clinical sites maintain a high level of quality in both the ability to precept students and the appropriate types of patient encounters. On occasion, students have inquired about new sites. To request a new clinical site and preceptor/mentor that has not been utilized by the school in the past, please provide your clinical coordinator with the below listed information. All of this information must be submitted at the same time before beginning the agreement process.  

Please note that each new clinical site must be individually examined by the appropriate clinical faculty member and placement, therefore, is not guaranteed. If approved, allow 4-6 weeks for the agreement process to take place.

Company Name
Contact person, e-mail, phone and fax numbers
Company Address, City, State, Zip Code