Pre-registration for Clinical Courses
Students must pre-register for clinical practicum courses, MOUs must be in place between Catholic University and the health care agency prior to beginning clinical rotation.   

Documentation Requirements
Prior to starting clinical courses, there are requirements that the student must complete and document. Students submit this documentation to where it is reviewed.

Students purchase a CastleBranch account at

The package code for nurse practitioner students is HC54grad

Background Check
Criminal background checks must be completed prior to the start of clinical coursework. Evidence of past or present criminal behavior identified through the background check or through other documented evidence of criminal behavior may lead to administrative sanctions up to, and including dismissal from the Conway School of Nursing. The procedures for conducting criminal background checks are located in the sidebar.

9 Panel Drug Screen
All students are required to submit a 9 panel urine drug screen (THC, Cocaine, PCP, Opiates, Methamphetamine, Methadone, Amphetamines, Barbiturate, Benzodiazepines) before commencing clinical rotations.

The drug testing is done via the Castlebranch site. When logged onto the Castlebranch site, Drug Test appears on the To-Do List.  Print the document from the site and go to a LabCorp location.  Note: Not all LabCorp locations perform drug testing, please check before going to a location. No previous drug tests may be submitted.

Pre-Clinical Immunization and TB Screening and Testing
Students must submit documentation of immunizations and baseline TB screening/testing before the beginning of clinical rotations. 

Certification of Clinical Readiness (Health Clearance)
The Certification of Clinical Readiness identifies any health related conditions that may impact on the student’s ability to work in the clinical setting. Documentation is done at the beginning of each academic year.

Annual Influenza Immunization 
You are required to have a flu shot to participate in clinical rotations. Please submit the Conway School of Nursing form and provider receipt.

CPR Certification
All students must have current CPR that is certified by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association for 2 man rescue and for child and infant rescue.  Internet CPR certification is not acceptable.

On the American Red Cross site, students should First Aid, CPR, AED for Professional Rescuers.

All submitted requirements must be valid for the entire academic year.

Health, Basic Life Support and Licensure Requirements
Students must report, immediately in writing, any changes in health status which impact their safety, the safety of patients or those whom the student encounters, or which significantly affect their progression in the program to the pertinent Dean.

Students are expected to comply with all agency requirements for placement in the clinical setting. These include documentation of health and immunization requirements and current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification and may include drug/toxicology screening.

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in withdrawal from clinical courses with resultant effect upon the progression in the program.

Submit Copy of License
Licensure: Registered Nurses in any clinical nursing program are required to maintain licensure as Registered Nurses in the jurisdiction of their clinical placement. Students are required to upload a copy of their license into Castlebranch site.