A program of study is planned individually to meet the particular needs of each student, in accord with the student's field of study and career goals.


A grade point average of 3.0 is required for retention and graduation. In general, a grade of C is passing but marginal at the graduate level. A grade of C in clinical courses is not acceptable; students who earn C grades may repeat clinical courses once.

Change of Specialty Option

Changes in specialty must be approved by the Program Director, M.S.N. program and the respective specialty coordinators.


Students admitted to graduate study at the master's level must complete degree requirements within five years from the date of initial enrollment. Continuous enrollment must be maintained unless a written leave of absence has been granted.

School-Based Financial Support

In addition to University based aid, the School of Nursing has limited funds via traineeships, school-based scholarships and special federal programs. The availability of funds varies from year to year. Applicants for any funding must complete a FAFSA and must reapply for funding annually. More information can be found on the Scholarship and Aid page.