How long is the second degree program?
It is a two-year program. The program is full-time during the day and you may have evening clinical.

Does this mean that I will not be able to work during the two years?
While some students find part-time work, you will not be able to work full time with this program.

When do you admit students?
We only offer a fall admission.

Can you review my transcripts? May I schedule a pre-admission interview?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a pre-admission interview. You may contact the School of Nursing Recruitment office with individual questions, attend one of the scheduled open houses, and review our requirements on the School of Nursing website. Transcripts are reviewed as a part of the admissions process.

Do I have to have all the prerequisites complete before applying?
While you do not have to have all the prerequisites completed before applying, you must have some of the science work completed before we can review your application. The admission decision is based partly on the required science GPA of 3.0. If you are conditionally accepted for transfer into the program, you will have until August 1 to submit proof of completion of the required courses.

Can I complete the prerequisites at Catholic University?
Because many freshman students fill the required prerequisite courses, it may be difficult to get the schedule you need. If you decide to take courses at Catholic University prior to acceptance in the nursing program, you should discuss this with an admission advisor.

How do I apply? I am having trouble accessing the application.
You can find the application on the Admission website. Contact the Office of Admission at 202-319-5305 for further questions regarding the application process. 

I am already a student at Catholic University. Can I apply for a transfer and start this semester?
If you are interested in transferring to nursing from the School of Arts and Sciences, you will need to first complete your degree in the school of your enrollment and then apply as a second-degree student.  

When is the last day to apply for fall admission?
May 15th, but you should apply as soon as possible to ensure your seat for the fall class.    

Is there a deposit deadline?
Yes, please submit an enrollment deposit no later than June 15th or upon successful completion of prerequisite coursework.  

I already have college credit but I would rather apply as a four-year student.
You will need to consult with the Office of Admission regarding your application evaluation for the four-year program.  

If I am not accepted, can I apply to another school at Catholic University and transfer into nursing?
You are welcome to apply to other schools after being denied admission into the Conway School of Nursing, but you will still need to complete a degree program before you are eligible to meet the requirements for the Second Degree B.S.N. program.

I am transferring from another nursing school. Will my courses transfer?
We cannot transfer any nursing courses that are required in our program. This includes: pathophysiology/pharmacology and all other required nursing classes. Only the courses listed as prerequisites can be transferred into the Conway School of Nursing.