1. Students admitted to the University and matriculated into the Conway School of Nursing (CSON).
  2. Freshman and sophomore students pursue a general liberal education, take foundational science and math courses, and learn about the vocation of nursing through selected courses. The liberal arts courses that we have selected do not only meet general education requirements, but also The Essentials: Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education (2021) promulgated by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Freshman and Sophomore students are assigned an advisor.
  3. Freshman and Sophomore students are invited to participate in a variety of programs, including the Spanish for Healthcare Certificate Program, the Population Health curriculum for nurses, and the National Student Nurses Association.
  4. Students are continually reviewed their first two years in the CSON. If they do not meet the Cumulative and Science GPA requirements in #5 (below) or if they have not completed the freshman program plan (outlined below), their entire record will be evaluated to determine if they can continue.
  5. At the completion of 60 credit hours, CSON students who meet ALL of the following criteria will be admitted into the upper division B.S.N. program:
    1. Catholic University Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
    2. Overall Catholic University Science GPA (BIO 232, BIO 233, BIO 223, CHEM 109, CHEM 119) of at least 2.75. All of these courses must be attempted once at Catholic University. A student may repeat no more than one science course.  An attempt is defined as enrollment in a class with the following indication on a transcript a) course grade, b) incomplete = I, c) Withdraw = W.
    3. Successful completion of HESI entrance exam during the fall semester of the sophomore year, with a minimum composite score of 75% and 75% or higher on the science, English and math composite scores.
  6. Students who are not admitted to the upper division B.S.N. program will be assisted by their advisor in identifying another plan of studies at Catholic University.
In addition to the university requirements, high school courses in biology and chemistry are required. Admission to the school is competitive.  Undergraduate admissions to the Conway School of Nursing are coordinated by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.