Prior to registration, the student should schedule a meeting with the academic advisor or attend a group advisement session to review their proposed courses and program plan. At the undergraduate level, the academic advisor may schedule group meetings at a time convenient for most students.

At the academic advisement meeting, the student will discuss the courses they propose taking, complete the Registration Worksheet, and ensure that it contains the advisor's signature as well as the student's.

A copy of this plan is given to the respective Associate Dean before the student registers for courses; if required, the student should pre-register for clinical courses.

Once the respective Associate Dean receives a copy of the Registration Worksheet, the administrative support personnel will "lift" these academic holds and the student has the ability to register for their semester courses.

Any changes in the agreed upon courses must be reviewed by the advisor and endorsed. Students who do not follow the agreed upon courses are advised that significant delays may occur in their progress toward a degree.

Once the student determines via Cardinal Students that the School of Nursing has granted necessary permissions, the student is responsible to register themselves for the courses.

Prior to the end of the Add/Drop period, the student must verify through Cardinal Students he/she is correctly registered for each of their courses For multi-section courses, they should ensure that they have been assigned to the correct course section; for guided/independent studies, they should ensure that the correct faculty member has been identified.

They may pull up their unofficial transcript via Cardinal Students or may use the functionality of Cardinal Students to list their current course schedule. If financial or other holds prevent registration it is the student's responsibility to resolve these issues by the previously stated enrollment deadlines.