Add an international component to your education. Catholic University offers nursing-specific study abroad options in Australia, Costa Rica, Italy, Ireland, and Perú.


Each spring semester, the Conway School of Nursing also offers an Exchange Program with the Australian Catholic University (ACU) School of Nursing. Not only will you be able to experience living in Australia, but also add an international dimension to your nursing education. Nursing students participate in this exchange during the months of January through June of each year. Catholic University students must be sophomores in good academic standing, and there are specific admission requirements in order for students to be considered for this exchange. Students participating in this learning opportunity must take specific courses during their preceding fall semester of study; consequently those students considering this program should consult with their Conway School of Nursing Academic Advisor at the end of their freshman year of academic study. This permits an even match between the Catholic University curriculum program plan and the ACU courses that are completed during study abroad.

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Costa Rica 

Embark on an 8-day international clinical practicum in Costa Rica, applying nursing, healthcare, and medical Spanish skills. Work in public and private clinics, engaging in patient-centered care supervised by certified medical preceptors. Community involvement includes school visits for basic care and health education discussions. Immerse in Spanish language interactions, earning a certificate for 40 clinical practicum hours.

Prerequisites: SPAN 107, SPAN 108, and consent from the Director of Spanish for Health Care.

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A specialized curriculum offers nursing students the chance to study abroad in Rome at Catholic University's flagship campus during their sophomore year's spring semester. Nursing courses provide a unique perspective by exploring key healthcare concepts within the comparative contexts of Italy and the United States. Local faculty teach theology courses, delving into the Church's teachings, an integral aspect of the city's culture. A conversational Italian course equips students for daily navigation in Rome. From the wonders of Ancient Rome to the vibrant contemporary society, the "Eternal City" boasts a rich history and culture. Students can immerse themselves in this millennia-old city's past, present, and potential future. Nursing students need a 3.2 GPA to participate, and the application deadline is April 15th.

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The University College Dublin Nursing Summer School provides a challenging international educational experience in Dublin. Students in this program develop their knowledge of comparative health and nursing systems, as well as their skills in research for nursing practice. All students have the opportunity to work with an experienced researcher, with some students participating in one of Ireland's national research centers: the UCD Irish Centre for Nursing and Midwifery History and the National Centre for the Protection of Older People. Finally, through this program, students have the opportunity to integrate into Irish life and the rich culture of Dublin.

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Embark on an 18-day collaboration between Catholic University and the University of Piura Lima Campus in Perú. Gain insights into Peruvian healthcare through real-life clinical encounters supervised by certified medical preceptors. Participate in public health campaigns, contributing to community well-being. Enhance your Spanish skills in healthcare settings, earning 3 credits from Catholic University and a certificate for 50 hours of international clinical practice from UDEP. Immerse yourself in this transformative program, shaping you into a culturally sensitive and globally aware healthcare professional.

The program requires intermediate to advanced native Spanish proficiency (200-400 level) and is part of the Spanish for Healthcare certificate program.

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Student Experiences 

  • Amelia Clemens

    Amelia Clemens, Catholic '25, is a Conway School of Nursing student from Annapolis, MD. She chose to study abroad in Rome, Italy.

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  • David McGrath

    David McGrath, Catholic '25, is a Conway School of Nursing student from Pawling, NY. He chose to study abroad in Melbourne, Australia.

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  • Elizabeth Papa

    Elizabeth Papa, Catholic '25, is a Conway School of Nursing student from Scituate, RI. She chose to study abroad in Rome, Italy.

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  • Sara Placide

    Sara Placide, Catholic '25, is a Conway School of Nursing student from Richmond, VA. She chose to study abroad in Melbourne, Australia.

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