The aim of the baccalaureate program is to prepare students for beginning professional nursing practice. The program provides the general and professional education essential for understanding human beings, their culture, and their environment; for acquiring and utilizing nursing theory upon which nursing practice is based; and for promoting self-understanding, personal fulfillment, and motivation for continued learning. The graduates of this program are prepared to maintain and promote client adaptation in a variety of health care settings, through theory and utilization of the nursing process.

Terminal Objectives

The graduate of the baccalaureate program in nursing will:
  1. Demonstrate moral integrity in caring for all persons.
  2. Synthesize foundational and theoretical knowledge from religion, philosophy, the humanities, and the natural and behavioral sciences in their practice of nursing.
  3. Integrate the principles of primary health care in the delivery of compassionate, technically competent, holistic nursing care.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of the context in which professional nurses practice, including the biobehavioral, cultural, political, environmental, economic, ethical, legal, scientific, and spiritual dimensions.
  5. Demonstrate effective skills in communicating and collaborating with clients, health care providers, and members of the community.
  6. Demonstrate use of critical thinking skills in making informed judgments in the management of health for individuals, families, groups, and communities.
  7. Apply leadership principles in practice settings, to influence and educate others in providing health care.
  8. Reflect a commitment to self-development and the advancement of the profession of nursing through participation in educational, community, and organizational activities.
  9. Use the nursing process to promote and restore health, and prevent illness in individuals, families, groups, and communities, including vulnerable populations.
  10. Evaluate research findings for application to professional nursing practice.
  11. Employ information management, information technology systems and patient care technology supports to improve quality of care and decision- making.