Sandra O'Brien


  • Conway School of Nursing
  • Dr. O’Brien is a family nurse practitioner and public health clinical nurse specialist. Dr. O’Brien earned her advanced practice degrees and her PhD at The Catholic University of America. Her dissertation topic was family adaption (functioning) in families of adolescents with autism. Since graduating she has assumed a variety of nurse practitioner roles in several settings. Her current practice setting involves occupational wellness, health promotion and pre-travel health awareness in the Washington DC area. She holds several certifications related to these specialties.

    She spent many years overseas while accompanying her American career Foreign Service spouse to assigned locations. In these settings she was able to promote health and provide nursing expertise, including service as the head nurse at the American Embassy in Bonn, Germany.

    As a full time faculty member she has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. O’Brien has served as a member on three research teams and received grant funding for her dissertation. Dr. O’Brien loves to travel and explore ancient cultures. She dreams of a trip to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail.

    Dr. O'Brien's Curriculum Vitae