Benedict Gorman, Catholic '25, is a Nursing and Philosophy student from Hyattsville, MD. He shares why he chose to attend Catholic University and the Conway School of Nursing, and what advice he has for prospective students.

Why did you choose to attend Catholic University?

"Catholic U has the perfect blend to academic rigor and clinic-focused skill acquisition. Our location right in DC gives tons of opportunities for varied clinical placements, externships, and part-time nursing jobs, and the nursing faculty do a wonderful job of making these opportunities easy to take advantage of. Our high-end simulation laboratory will ensure that you're ready for the floor when you start clinicals, and the school's collaboration with the Biology and Chemistry departments is wonderful.

All of these things make Catholic a school that produces proficient nurses, but what really sets Catholic apart is the focus on the human person. As one of the nation's top schools for Philosophy and Theology, Catholic has the means to educate nurses that are caring and thoughtful, able to answer tough questions our patients may have and make critical decisions without loosing sight of the true role of nurses: to be the human side of the medical field, the hand of God that holds them through tough times."

Why do you want to be a nurse?

"I have always been interested in medical care, but the more work I do in the field makes me realize more and more that my interest is based on my desire to help those who need it most. This is why I chose nursing: to be best equipped to help those in deepest need."

What's been your favorite part of being a student at Catholic University?

"The wonderful community! I've found a fun, faithful, and academically rigorous group of friends like no other--and that combination is hard to find. Our lovely green campus is a place buzzing with excitement and friendly faces, and our small school size means I'm always running into people I know!"

What advice would you give to prospective students?

"Be thankful for your LC (Learning Community) classes! Not only did having the same classmates for four of my freshman classes really help me find a good group of friends, the topics we covered in philosophy keep relating to all my other classes, even my nursing classes! The LCs are a great first step into the life of being an intellectual nurse."